Friday, June 25, 2021

The Insider's Guide To The Pentagon's UFO Report

The Insider's Guide To The Pentagon's UFO Report

     POLITICO’s senior national correspondent Bryan Bender has covered national security for years, which, to his surprise, now includes a UFO beat. He was one of the first journalists to uncover the existence of the Pentagon’s AATIP office. In that time, he has met UFO enthusiasts, researchers and even a few politicians to better report on UAPs.

By Mary Newman & Brooke Minters
In this video watch as Bryan guides us through the strange, confusing and converging worlds. Then go and read Bryan’s full story on how Washington is beginning to embrace this fringe world.


  1. I do research on comet collisions with Earth and ET aliens. Sentient species form in groups is seven and my research covers what they are like and where they are from. I have 3 ET technology patents and think I have begun to understand how they have beaten disease on their home worlds. I have little or no confidence that our government reveal anything meaningful about UFOS or the ETs that have built them. Our government has just been lying too long to be trusted. I can figure things out for myself and I have posed what I have found out on the web.

  2. This topic just doesn't go away. So far we can confirm only anecdotal evidence. Lots of it. So it comes down to what you believe. I would believe that we are in some sort of version of the matrix long before I would believe an alien civilization would make the effort to send visitors here. It is way, way too far to travel and we are simply not worth visiting. If you think about it, the matrix idea also explains the anecdotal evidence that marches on in the supernatural and cryptid worlds. I floated this idea to an astrophysicist and the conversation got very interesting.


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