Thursday, May 27, 2021

Fmr Director of AATIP, Luis Elizondo is Cynical About Upcoming UFO Report | VIDEO

Fmr Director of AATIP, Luis Elizondo is Cynical About Upcoming UFO Report


     TAPPER: Let's bring in Luis Elizondo, he ran the Pentagon's initial investigation into the sightings of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, UAP, or what we all call unidentified flying objects. And Luis the Pentagon now calls the department you lead the
By Jake Tapper
UAP Task Force. And it's collecting data on these mysterious sightings.


Now, the Pentagon must submit its detailed report by late June to the Senate Intelligence Committee as well as to the Armed Services Committee. This is the report on these sightings. Top secret material will be included in a classified version. Do you expect to see real answers in this report, what do you think?

ELIZONDO: Look, honestly, I don't think so, Jake ... I think this is going to be the beginning. I think Congress deserves a comprehensive report. And so do the American people. And I just don't think 180 days is going to be sufficient. I think Congress is aware of that. So my hope is that this will be an interim report with a much more comprehensive report to follow.


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  1. Recently I read and re-read a book authored by a James Plough which was displayed on this site,as a new source of reading material.The writer is a retired civil rights attorney familiar with both the prior tactics used by alphabet agencies to damage the reputation of witnesses to extraordinary events.. and with the bureaucracy in Washington DC. He goes into specific detail on the means to accomplish a complete investigation and conduction of hearings.I will even reread the book again (119 pages) of comprehensive suggestions and anticipating scenarios which may occur during classified and unclassified hearings...Its a great reference guide.He indicated that he distributed copies of his briefing book to members of the 4 armed services sub committees as a guide to follow..After ruling out terrestrial adversaries he rightly concluded that the origin of the phenomena is either extraterrestrial or of another realm/ dimension ..and correctly concludes that neither China nor Russia has the technological skills or wherewithal. Plough is correct. We do have the right to know in a Democratic Republic.In 70 years there have been no hostile acts of aggression towards our military or Russian nuclear assets as well.... simply a subtle message that their technology can render us defenseless. There was no references to Roswell or to CE-5, which was good since those paths have been traveled too often
    On his web site though he posts his own personal encounters of the 5th kind.If the congressional aides read this book and navigate to the web site bio information , it may not go as well as intended.Simply stick to the basics and leave the other narratives out until another day when public sentiment may change in the way the author desires.I tried to communicate this to the author via his web site contact page ..and the reply was a "404"


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