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UFOs Engage Navy War Ships (Again) FOIAs Reveal

UFOs Engage Navy War Ships (Again) FOIAs Reveal

     Documentary filmmaker, Dave Beaty—executive produced, researched and directed the film, The Nimitz Encounters, a most needed, topnotch, sober documentary on UFO related events involving the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group while conducting routine training and aerial defense exercises off the coast of California in 2004. Arguably, these UFO engagements will be marked as one of the most significant events in the history of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon both in scope, as well as how it helped reshape the government/military’s stance on same.
Frank Warren
By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles

Dave’s fervor specific to Naval UFO encounters and the publicity garnered by the film keep him active in UFO/UAP research and last year, via social media, detailed in an exposé by Danny Silva—he announced that he had received the deck logs from the USS Kidd for the previous year (2019); therein he found mention of a Snoopie Team, (an “intelligence detail that tries to identify unknown ships and aircraft that come within the visual range of the ship”) and a UAVS (Unidentified Aerial Vehicle):
USS Kidd Deck Log (Snippet) 7-30-2019

Additionally, David cited a Navy Vet, to whom he speaks very highly of in regards to the latter’s friend on the USS KIDD in 2019 who stated:
“I know he said he could see them with the naked eye and they were almost eye level with the bridge hovering. They were the same tic-tac shaped objects.” [emphasis added]
So, here it would seem, 15 years after the Nimitz Encounters we have yet another similar UFO/UAP situation, involving US warships; in the same vicinity and like UFOs as reported in 2004.

Dave’s research and announcements caught the eye of Tyler Rogoway over at The War Zone, and he picked up the baton in a big way. Rogoway and company got on the FOIA bandwagon and struck gold. He writes:
“The following is our own investigation into these events, during which we discovered these events were far more extensive in scale than previously understood.”

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