Wednesday, March 31, 2021

UFO Lands Near Missile Base; Affects Radio Transmissions - Strike Team Dispatched!

Saucer Drawing Carpio Grano Missle Field (Minot) 8-24-1966

     Capt. Smith (Missile Combat Crew Commander) on duty at Missile Site (MIKE Flt) sixty (60) feet underground indicated that radio transmission was being interrupted by static, this static was accompanied by the UFO coming close to the Missile Site
By Air Force
HQ Minot AFB
(MIKE Flt). When UFO climbed, static stopped. The UFO appeared to be S.E. of MIKE 6, range undetermined. At 0512Z, UFO climbed for altitude after hovering for 15 minutes. South radar base gave altitude at 100,000 feet, N.W. of Minot AFB, NDak. At this time a Strike Team reported UFO descending, checked with Radar Site, they also verified this. The UFO then began to swoop and dive. It then appeared to land 10 to 15 miles South of MIKE 6. "MIKE 6" Missile Site Control sent a Strike Team to check. When the team was about 10 miles from the landing site, static disrupted radio contact with them. Five (5) to eight (8) minutes later, the glow diminished and the UFO took off. Another UFO was visually sighted and confirmed by radar. The one that was first sighted passed beneath the second. Radar also confirmed this. The first, made for altitude towards the North and the second seemed to disappear with the glow of red. A3C SEDOVIC at the South Radar base confirmed this also. At 0619Z, two and one half (2 1/2) hours after the first sighting, and F-106 interceptor was sent up. No contact or sighting was established. The Control Tower asked the Aircraft Commander of the KC-135 which was flying in the local area to check the area. He reported nothing. The Radar Site picked up an echo on radar which on checking was the KC-135. No other sightings. At 0645Z discontinued search for UFO.

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