Tuesday, November 24, 2020

U.S. Does Not Want China or Russia to Find Out How UFOs Work, First!

U.S. Does Not Want China or Russia to Find Out How UFOs Work, First!

How does China share the U.S. government’s UFO interest?


     ... While the Trump administration has admitted that the government is now actively studying UFOs under the so-called “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force,” Beijing has been very quiet on this topic. But it seems a fair assessment that if
By Tom Rogan
the U.S. and Russia have had these UFO experiences, so also has China. Considering the rapid development of PLA hypersonic glide vehicles and nuclear weapons platforms, established UFO trendlines would suggest an increasing incidence of credible sightings in or around Chinese airspace. Xi Jinping’s interest in rapidly closing military gaps with the U.S. would also give him reasons to authorize studies of UFOs. After all, whichever nation is first able to figure out how UFOs actually work is going to have huge military advantages in terms of building platforms with highly advanced sensor, propulsion, mobility, and concealment potentials. Indeed, this is one critical reason the U.S. government is secretive about UFOs: it does not want China or Russia to find out how UFOs work, first!

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