Sunday, September 06, 2020

UFO Reported Over Nuke Storage Area at Loring AFB (1975)

UFO Reported Over Nuke Storage Area at Loring AFB (1975)

The Mysterious Cold War Case Of Unidentified Aircraft Descending On Loring Air Force Base

When it comes to cases involving unidentified flying objects, few are as well documented or involve as many people as what occurred at Loring in 1975.

     Despite the newfound attention the topic of unexplained incursions into airspace over sensitive locales across the United States is receiving, these types of bizarre incidents are not necessarily new. One of the most puzzling accounts of such an
By Brett Tingley
The War Zone
event, or series of events, occurred during the depths of the Cold War.

Over a series of nights in 1975, Loring Air Force Base in Maine was invaded by mysterious craft originating from Canadian airspace....

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