Thursday, August 20, 2020

Company will Task Satellites to Hunt UFOs

Company will Task Satellites to Hunt UFOs


     Hypergiant was founded by CEO Ben Lamm, a serial entrepreneur who sold his previous companies to big names like Zynga and Accenture. This company, though, he intends to hang on to.

By Sarah Scoles
... Lamm does talk about UFOs, though he calls them UAP: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. It’s the term insiders and the government have introduced to ditch the baggage that the decades-old “UFO” has amassed. If you look at the intersections Hypergiant’s three main interests, says Lamm, “UAPs are the X at the cross center.”


He’s interested in finding out whether those UAP come from here, or out there. “The question of whether we’re alone in the universe is kind of like ‘Is the Earth flat?’” he says (“no” being the answer to both, in his mind).


Lamm accepts that the phenomena might just be earthly technology, and he wants Hypergiant to help find whatever truth is out there.


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  1. Hi UFO Chronicles Staff!! Congrats by your channel, is an important tool to spread the truth about UAPs, UFOs, and that we never been Congrats by your channel, is an important tool to spread the truth about UAPs, UFOs, and that we never been alone. That said, why you didn't included yet a link to show the CEFAA cases and research from Chile General Department of Aviation Control DGAC and Chilenean Air Force? I am sure that if you'll include, will enrich your info channel.
    Best regards

  2. Good Day Luiz,

    Thank you for taking time to make comment.

    FYI: We have multiple articles, links, etc., concerning the CEFAA and Chilean cases in general and publish same on a fairly regular basis. I would urge you to use our site search engine at the top of the left side-bar to locate them.



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