Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Luis Elizondo Responds to The Senate’s Vote on UFOs – VIDEO

Luis Elizondo Responds to The Senate’s Vote on UFOs

     The former head of the Pentagon's UFO program (AATIP), Luis Elizondo, appeared on the Tucker Carlson show, with guest host Brian Kilmeade to offer his views of the recent news
By Fox News 6-26-20
concerning the Senate Intelligence Committee's vote to publicize classified UFO data.


Brian Kilmeade: Luis, if the Senate gets what they want what will they get?

Luis Elizondo: I think this is a historical moment in our country for many reasons. I think it's fair to say that this certainly is a nonpartisan issue. Thanks to the courage of Senator Marco Rubio but others before him, such as Harry Reid and Stevens and Inouye ... I think if the Senate is successful in getting what they want, they're going to get actual hard data as to the capabilities of these incursions into our airspace and the airspace ... of where we have combat vehicles ... hopefully we can get a better understanding of what's going on here. These things seem to appear and operate without impunity both here in the United States and overseas, where our brave men in and women are in uniform and hopefully we'll finally be able to piece this together.

Brian Kilmeade: Luis, how do you know?

Luis Elizondo: Well, because I was part of a program for about ten years back in the Pentagon called AATIP. I ran that program with several colleagues of mine, and it was an inter-agency organization very much like this task force that you are seeing right now that's being proposed in this bill.

 Brian Kilmeade: What's the most intriguing thing that we'll get from it, if the Senate Intelligence Committee gets what you know?

 Luis Elizondo: Hopefully, you're gonna get an unclassified report, and for the first time average Americans are going to get a chance to see the very same data that has been locked away if you will in classified briefings and what not, and hopefully see the light of day for once.

Brian Kilmeade: Now, I consider myself an average American, can you tell me what is says, since you part of the unit?

Luis Elizondo: Well, unfortunately, I'm not employed by the U.S. government anymore, and I'm still bound by my non-disclosure agreements, my NDA's I still have a security clearance ... so that's really a conversation that the U.S. government's going to have to have ... the executive branch with the legislative branch and then finally decide what they think is appropriate for the American people. I think what I can is that data is very compelling. And when you look at these vehicles and what they're able to do, you very quickly realize that this is probably not something in our own inventory.

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