Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The Birth of the Bob Lazar Phenomenon

The Birth of the Bob Lazar Phenomenon

     Long time television investigative journalist, news anchor, and talk show radio host, George Knapp, is one of the very few in the mainstream media who regularly pays heed to the UFO/UAP topic, and has done so for decades; adding Ufologist
By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
to his résumé certainly is appropriate. As most who pay attention to such things know—he is responsible for making Bob Lazar and Area 51 household names.

Recently, George, along with Jeremy Corbell sat down with podcast host, Joe Rogan. The 3 hour discussion covered a myriad of UFO/UAP topics; however, it began with the origins of Bob Lazar and how George became aware of him, consequently introducing him and his assertions to the American public.

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