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Senate Staffer, Dick D'Amato's Statement On UFO Crashes in New Mexico

Senate Staffer, Dick D'Amato's Statement On UFO Crashes in New Mexico

     Recently, I discovered Dick D’Amato’s current official position on UFO Crashes. He was a senior US Senate staffer, who met numerous UFO researcher on the matter back in 1990s. According to, the statement is present on his official website at least from 2013. It reads in full:
By Giuliano Marinkovic

“In the 1980's and 1990's, I served on the staff of the Senate Democratic Leader, Senator Robert C. Byrd, and my responsibilities involved helping manage the budgets of the Department of Defense and the National Foreign Intelligence Program. My duties included responding to a Senators and committees request for information, analysis, and legislation on a variety of national security issues. In this context, a senior Senate Committee chairman asked me to conduct a preliminary inquiry into allegations that came to his attention regarding unidentified aerial crashes in the 1940's in New Mexico. I met with a number of people who had made public statements on the matter. I reported my conclusion to the Senator that the basis for such allegations did not appear to merit any further Senate investigation. Beyond this inquiry on behalf of the Senator, I have no personal opinion on the matter and consider the inquiry to have been closed for over 20 years.”
Discovery happened while I was processing some leftovers on Dick D’Amato that I previously collected. Amato’s official page was located on this address:

However, that domain is now defunct but this one still works:

His statement is positioned under the section “Downloads” where it leads to subsection titled:

Response to UFO Chronicles

I immediately contacted Frank Warren – author of the UFO Chronicles website - to double check if D’Amato ever submitted this response to him. It was not so but this article possibly triggered D’Amato’s to put his reaction on the website (article describes meeting between Jesse Marcel Jr and Dick D’Amato):

Jesse Marcel Jr.

Although D’Amato’s statement on his website has a different tone compared to reported off the record meetings, it is still valuable to be aware about his official position on the topic.
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