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Eyelids Were Burned in The Aftermath of Alleged Alien Abduction

Eyelids Were Burned in The Aftermath of Alleged Alien Abduction

     Im 100 % certain there are UFOs. I personally had an encounter myself. Back in early 1989 I was abducted from my young sons son's bedroom after I had fallen asleep reading to him.

By Marti
The UFO Chronicles
I remember being totally paralyzed, like something you might get before certain surgeries. A small childlike creature with big eyes told me to relax. Somehow I was transported onto a ship, on a gurney. Being examined. They speak telepathically. They told me they would not hurt me. Others were there as well.

Very bright lights. They told me not to look into them, or I would be blinded. I have no other recollection of what happened next. I dont remember being returned to my son's bedroom. But the next morning I thought it was all just a bad dream. Until I was getting ready for work, and noticed my eyelids were sunburned. In the middle of winter??

I am 100 percent positive I was abducted. I dont know why, or how this happened to me. I did show some family members my eyelids, and told them what I thought had happened to me. I dont want to be labled as a crazy person. I no longer speak of this. But I will never forget it.

Whoever they were, or are, they were not hostile to me. For whatever reason, they analyzed me and returned me.

Happy to share this experience. So glad its never happened to me again.

Editor's note: Above, was the initial report submitted to TUFOC; Marti (a woman) kindly answered a laundry list of questions on separate occasions, (now combined) and provided further context below.–FW

The abduction took place in Cincinnati Ohio sometime in mid November. It was cold but no rain or snow. I lived in an apartment complex at the time. It bordered on a huge isolated field.

I do not recall what particular storybook I had read to my son. I just fell asleep. The aliens abducted me from the bedroom. The paralysis took place in the bedroom, before I was transported. My emotional state was frightened. I communicated with them by thoughts, they can read your mind. They told me they would not hurt me and to not look into the bright lights above me as I was lying on the gurney. The atmosphere was like that of an operating room.

There were other aliens about. I don't believe they have a gender. There were other abductees there as well. I could see them from the corner of my eyes, as I couldn't move my body or head. I dont recall their gender or race.

My eyelids were the only sunburnt place on my body. I had no markings, wounds, or bruises. My son had no recollection of that night except he fell asleep after I had read to him.

Ive had no out of the ordinary health issues, but do suffer from anxiety. Ive never had another encounter since. No special associations with numbers or symbols.

I was interested in the UFO possibility, but was a bit skeptical. Until that happened to me. I know it was not a dream, only because the proof was my eyelids.

In reply to the entities height, they were small. Like that of a 3 or 4 year old child. Smooth very pale skin, perhaps a suit of some sort? Huge almond shape eyes. And not a normal hand at all. 3 fingers with a thumb for sure. Almost looked like a glove of some sort.

I awoke the next am. I thought it was just a bad dream. When putting on my makeup before work, I noticed and felt my sunburnt eyes. My husband said I was crazy. It must have been a new nightcream I was using,he said. But I used no nightcream at that time. I was 29 years old. I didn't use it then. I told my Mother too, and she confirmed my eyes. I did not seek any medicals as it wasnt that bad.

As for the operating theatre, it was completely sterile. Huge,white. Stainless steel. No particular smell. Huge white lights over my head. Bigger then a normal operating room. Not like a normal operating room at all.

As for anxiety, I had it for a few years before the occurrence. It has escalated since. At that time, I was just recovering from a small bladder cancer.No chemo, no radiation. But a wait and see approach by my docs. On no meds at all. And I had undergone a tubal ligation a few years before. My personal thoughts on this are I was a diseased species, not to be used. Very grateful that I have been cancer free since!

I do have certain numbers that appear to me alot on clocks. Always in threes. Like 333, or 777. [Asked to clarify, she responded, "Well obviously 333 appears on clocks but I see 777 on receipts, license plates, things like that. And feelings of when something bad is about to happen."]

I have very vidid dreams alot. Like end of world scenarios. Not of aliens. Its more like huge tidal waves. And manna raining down from heaven. Sky begins to turn dark and red. Crazy stuff! I do not sleep well at all. I wake about 2:30 every am. Regardless. Need meds perhaps? Lol.

I did communicate with them telepathly. It was just about my fear of what they were going to do with me.

Thats about all I can tell you. If my current health issues like high blood pressure, sleep apnea, nightmares are connected to this, I have no clue. But I do have the worst luck ever since that! And I can think things and they seem to happen. Probably just negative energy?

For instance, I live by a highway. I think something like I hope there is no accident back there. And then boom! And other thought processes. It seems sometimes like my thought patterns influence things around me. There are many more incidents that I just chalk up to bad luck, or negative energy. I dont know for sure.

Thanks for hearing my story, and my crazy ramblings. I certainly dont share them as I dont want to be viewed as a crazy person! Im grateful I could come here and share.

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