Saturday, August 03, 2019

Kecksburg UFO Incident Expert, Stan Gordon Talks UFOs

     Stan Gordon, author and researcher of unidentified flying objects [UFOs] who is considered a leading expert on the Kecksburg UFO Incident joins Robert Mangino to discuss the Kecksburg UFO Festival, UFO history and recent UFO sightings in the PA area.
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  1. Hi... I find your site really fascinating except for one thing... This is just some constructive criticism and not meant to harass or attack... The article(s) take so long to load because the pages are way too overloaded with articles... Until the last item loaded, I was unable to listen to this soundbite about the Kecksburg incident... On most all articles there is a link to "read more"... I have to go through the same process each time I load a page... I am using a very fast internet service and most every other site loads almost immediately... I know hosting and keeping a website up and running takes money and time, but, it would really be fantastic if your pages were less heavy and able to load each article without bogging down... Anyways, the information you are providing is interesting and worth reading... Please consider re-evaluating your site and maybe re-formatting the look and feel so as it will run and load smoother and faster... Thanks...

  2. Afternoon Michael,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    I don't mean to be superfluous or forward; however, (as you may know) there are many factors that determine page load time, they are in part; CPU clock speed; amount of memory; operating system; number of applications running; web browser; browser cache; viruses and virus software etc.

    That said, TUFOC is front page heavy, no doubt and that choice was made almost 15 years ago; we consciously chose informative content over a fast load time. Still it is something we monitor, and our own testing with 3 of the four office computers (the fourth still has win 98 on it) on average stands at between 4-5.5 seconds, using FireFox; Chrome is about the same, with (an unmodified version of) IE being the slowest. Third party speed test sites confirm our results.

    Finally, early on, we were fortunate enough to garner (and maintain) a large audience and have readers in just about every country where the internet exists. In 15 years the folks that have reached to us concerning slow-loading time can be counted on one hand.



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