Friday, February 22, 2019

UFO Captive Tells Her Story To J. Allen Hynek

UFO Captive Tells Her Story - The Daily Collegian (Fresno, CA) 11-6-1979


     After being swooped out of her car and brought aboard the craft, she said, "I was in a room by myself, it was large and hexagon shaped. When they put me on the table, I was restrained so that my head was held tight by something that I
By The Daily Collegian
couldn't move and it was so painful that when I was under hypnosis, I kept complaining about how bad my head hurt."

She then went on to describe three types of aliens that she encountered. There was a very pretty black haired woman who looked very human. I felt like she was there to reassure me, she was compassionate, and said, 'don't worry Judy.' I wondered how in the world she knew my name, it was like they had been watching me," she said.

There was another group of aliens who wore skin-tight gray suits, had very pale white skin and wore oxygen-like masks covering most of their faces.

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