Sunday, February 03, 2019

Congressional Hearings into UFOs Called For, By Former Senator Harry Reid | VIDEO

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Congressional Hearings into UFOs Called For, By Former Senator Harry Reid

     Former Nevada Senator Harry Reid is calling for formal congressional hearings probing the enduring mystery of UFOs.

The longtime leader of Senate Democrats quietly sponsored a
By George Knapp
secret Pentagon study of UFOs and related mysteries. The program was based in Las Vegas but ended in 2012.

Now, in his first on-camera interview in more than a year, Reid says both Congress and the Pentagon should take a fresh look at the topic, and he intends to help make it happen.

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  1. Harry was very careful with what he said in his reply's.
    He wouldn't comment on disclosure because if he did it may indicate that there is already knowledge of the things he's trying to get investigated.
    We need to get this whole subject out into the light and give it legitimacy. Only then will we lose the sarcastic comments at the end of the X-files music played by smirking reporters.
    After an OPEN investigation if nothing of consequence is found then so be it, at least we have been enlightened.


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