Friday, February 01, 2019

MUFON Grievances Lead to Continuing Accountability Issues

MUFON Grievances Lead to Continuing Accountability Issues

     A five-page pdf containing grievances about the Mutual UFO Network and titled, MUFON: The Inside Truth, was posted online. The document is dated Jan 17, 2019, and signed by Phil Leech, who identified himself as holding the title of Director Case Review Team, among other MUFON positions.

The document contains allegations of events ranging from background checks conducted on witnesses who filed UFO reports to circumstances surrounding an alleged "implant," reportedly removed from an individual and under analysis, possibly involving AATIP and/or TTSA personnel. Additional
Jack Brewer
By Jack Brewer
The UFO Trail
areas of concern expressed by Leech include circumstances surrounding Pennsylvania MUFON; mismanagement of MUFON media; misuse of the organization by a small minority of people for their personal benefit; and the lack of scientific integrity within an organization claiming dedication to scientific study, among other grievances.

The Leech document may be viewed in its entirety at the link above or at the end of this post, where it is embedded. Email statements obtained from individuals, while in some circumstances used in part, may be viewed in their entirety at the end of this post. The time and attention invested by all parties in their comments are appreciated. MUFON Executive Director Jan Harzan did not respond to an email offering him an opportunity to comment for this post.

There's a lot to unpack. Let's get started.

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