Saturday, August 03, 2013

MUFON, Science and Deception

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Definition of Science

By Jack Brewer
The UFO Trail

pt 1

      The Mutual UFO Network recently announced its latest change in executive directors. David “The Captain” MacDonald is vacating the position to be filled August 1 by Jan Harzan, a longtime member of the MUFON board of directors. Offered is a two-part post exploring recent MUFON history and circumstances, including comments provided by scientists, UFO investigators and MUFON members, both past and present.

The French Connection

Alejandro Rojas reported the MUFON leadership change in an article published July 23. The article also stated there was a “partnership” between MUFON and GEIPAN, a French organization dedicated to investigating aerial phenomena.

According to its website, GEIPAN consists of two full-time staff: a manager and an assistant. The small agency is funded by The National Center for Space Studies (CNES) and depends on external support for such resources as investigations and monitoring cases.

“National Defense operates at several levels in the operation of GEIPAN,” the site states, including representatives from the French Air Force, National Gendarmerie and National Police who act as consultants and sit on steering committees. Details of the relationship between MUFON and GEIPAN are unclear, as are the nature of specific talks conducted, proposed activities and methods of measuring success.

Four Executive Directors Since 2009

James Carrion was the designated leader of MUFON from 2006 until 2009, at which time he left in a storm of turmoil. A great deal of the controversy surrounded an unsteady alliance between MUFON and Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies. Mr. Carrion accused members of the MUFON board of directors of several questionable actions, including enabling Mr. Bigelow to move funds and act on behalf of undisclosed financial sponsors. Many of the issues raised at the time remain unexplained. . . .

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