Monday, November 26, 2018

Aliens Will Be Discovered In Two Decades, Scientist Claims

Aliens Will Be Discovered In Two Decades, Scientist Claims

     44 years since the Arecibo message was broadcast into space in hope of contacting extra-terrestials, we still have no proof that alien life exists.
By Sophie Lloyd

Sure, there’s plenty of people who’ve claimed to have been abducted by UFOs, but if aliens are really out there, they’ve managed to elude most of us.

However, that may be about to change. In a recently published paper, a British scientist claims that we’re on the verge of finding alien life – a discovery that could be made within two decades.

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  1. "New study"... I'm not so sure about that (see articles below).

    It's the same narrative they have been rehashing for the last 15 years - the media and academia is doing everything to stall disclosure...


    2017 - Amit Malewar - "We will Find Existence of Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life within 20 Years" (Seth Shostak)

    2015 - "Dr Ellen Stofan, in the next twenty years, scientists may very well finally answer"

    2014 - Jason Major : "Will We Find Alien Life Within 20 Years? You Can Bet On It" (Seth Shostak)

    2013 - Joel N. Shurkin : “I’ll bet anyone a cup of Starbucks that we’ll find it in the next two decades.” (Seth Shostak)

    2011 - "Life exists on other planets and we will find it within 20 years," Andrei Finkelstein

    2009 - "Humans Predicted to Make Contact with an Extraterrestrial Civilization Within Two Decades" (Seth Shostak)

    2008 - Nancy Atkinson : "We’ll find E.T. within two dozen years" (Seth Shostak)

    2004 - Marcus Chown : "ET first contact ‘within 20 years’" (Seth Shostak)


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