Saturday, March 03, 2018

Why Top UFO Researchers Chose Tom DeLonge as Their Mouthpiece

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WhyTop UFO Researchers Chose Tom DeLonge as Their Mouthpiece

     As if we needed more proof that we’re living in the strangest of times, Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge, a man who once wrote a (pretty great) song called “Dick Lips,” has proven himself to be a galvanizing force in the realm of extraterrestrial exploration. Sure, we
By Randall Colburn
AV Club
all had a laugh when DeLonge quit the band and started crowdfunding for a spaceship, but then WikiLeaks revealed he was chatting UFOs with high-ranking political consultant John Podesta and a New York Times report not only confirmed some of DeLonge’s previous ramblings on the subject, but also the legitimacy of some of those involved in his To The Stars Academy.

To listen to DeLonge speak on the subject is, to say the least, maddening. He’s articulate in outlining the aims of his academy, and his stories as to how he first came in contact with the government remain remarkably consistent, but, as so happens in this sprawling interview with Joe Rogan, it isn’t long before DeLonge starts spouting off about Greek culture and the lost city of Atlantis and we’re back to rolling our eyes.

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