Saturday, March 24, 2018

Scenario of Earth Intercepting an Alien Message

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Scenario of Earth Intercepting an Alien Message
SHOULD we be prepared for an alien cyber attack? In a bizarre research paper, two astrophysicists have explored potential scenarios that could change our world forever.
     That’s the question almost no one is asking but at least two astrophysicists are answering.

In a rather unusual (non-peer reviewed) research paper, the scientists explored the unlikely possibility that planet Earth received a complex message from space.
By Nick Whigham and AFP

They paint a scenario in which three decades from now, we intercept the message from an unknown extraterrestrial intelligence. The world’s best and brightest are brought in to decipher the message but just as they do, our digital networks, power grids and internet connected devices all crash.

It turns out the aliens sent a type of galactic malware.

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