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UPDATE: Atomic Weapons Establishment Responds To UFO Inquiry / Sighting, By Member of Parliament

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UPDATE: Atomic Weapons Establishment Responds To UFO Inquiry / Sighting
Editor's Note: Michael Lewendon, and his wife witnessed an enormous, saucer-shaped UFO near the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), a nuclear weapons manufacturing facility, located in Burghfield , West Berkshire, England on September 11th, 2004. Given the size of the object, and that the sighting occurred during the day in clear skies, the couple assumed that there certainly would have been other witnesses, as well as being captured on “traffic cameras,” along with “the myriad of security cameras around the AWE.”

Much to their chagrin repeated inquiries to government officials fell on deaf ears; however, finally through their persistence, and the assistance of researcher, Ananda Sirisena, their MP (Member of Parliament) acted on their behalf and made an official inquiry to AWE; below is their response. (Pertinent names have been redacted).–FW
Response From AWE To PM (Pg 1 of 2) 5-22-17

Response From AWE To PM (Pg 2 of 2) 5-22-17
The original report can be found here, and below is the addendum, originally published in April of last year:
     Met the witnesses again in December 2016 and revisited the site of the observation of the massive object near and above the AWE (Atomic Weapons Establishment) on 11th. September 2004. The witness ML – Michael Lewendon, stated that, "The thunderous-looking clouds were rushing through the object, as if it was a form of camouflage. But the sky was blue - not a cloud anywhere. The rushing clouds gave the impression, together with the pastel coloured lights, that the object was spinning. There must have been over 40 or more lights around the object, so huge was the UFO. "I felt privileged, felt as if I was gifted to see such an event. Phew, from being scared one minute to amazement in my heart. The craft was hovering 50 yards away, about 200 feet in the air."
Ananda Sirisena
By Ananda Sirisena
The UFO Chronicles
Copyright © Ananda Sirisena

Michael estimated the craft to be 100 -200 metres across and 30 metres deep, with a hint of a dome on top. It could have been larger he estimates, being conservative. After getting out of his van, observing the saucer-shaped object for a full five to seven minutes, during which time he tooted the horn several times to try and awaken nearby residents, the object started to move. No one else came to view and no other cars passed during those few minutes.
"I decided to tell myself to remember every detail, as I was seeing something that was going to be investigated and my information could be of great significance" I had time to place an article by a road sign, which I recovered a few days later, just in case we were somewhere else; the article was still there. "The ship moved off in an arc shape to our left, going up as it moved. Its path took it straight over the atomic research base, 500 yards away and then it went parallel to the M4 motorway, towards London. That is where we lost sight of the ship. I drove up the road to the bridge which goes over the M4 and parked the van again to see if there was anything I could add to this UFO sighting."
Michael is perplexed at the lack of investigation by the authorities. He wrote to the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, hoping to receive some acknowledgement of his report. He received no reply. He even wrote to the Gracious Queen of England, hoping to hear about some sort of investigation by some official body. He is convinced that the traffic cameras covering the motorway would have picked up the object, as well as the myriad of security cameras around the AWE. He asks, "What about weather stations, the BBC, satellite imagery and Google Earth?"

He tells me,
"I do really want any report to concentrate on the reluctance of the government to investigate. This was no little light in the sky at night. It was not for a few seconds, this "thing" was huge and massive, larger than Wembley stadium. It could have been occupied by hundreds of thousands of people. In total my wife and I observed this "spaceship" for over 8 minutes. I need your write-up of our sighting to confront the powers that have the ability to investigate, to go through official archives and come up with an answer. It will be the same results, as if we saw this yesterday. We need to tell the people that I have tried to get an investigation - but who has the power to initiate this?"

"This goes down in history as the biggest missed chance to reproduce that day's events. They came here to do something, change something, leave something. They never bothered about me and Betty, they never harmed us. The whole point about this is that it never got investigated. There must be evidence in official archives that indicate we might have been in some sort of "time warp". Instruments in and around this area will show distortions of time and space, some kind of a tunnel. If they look, they will find all we saw. There's a national security risk for one thing because this "spaceship" was hovering over the AWE. This has implications for space travel, this knowledge belongs to mankind and our children's children; these archives will show that space travel exists."
Michael's frustration about the lack of an official response led him to write a children's story about their encounter, which he sent to Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace. He hopes the Prince of Wales will read the story to his grandchildren. I checked with the British UFO Research Association - they have no reports from Reading for that day. ML remembers that on this bright morning, before sunrise, he saw the crescent of the moon, with a "very bright" light, like a bright star, close to it. Initially he thought that bright light was the International Space Station but now he is sure it was Venus.


  1. 24 December 2017 17:57
    Dear Iain Coucher, My wife and I witnessed a UFO sighting of which you were made aware of recently by an MP from Reading. Your reply to him prompts me to ask for an audience with you and possibly a scientist and physics professor. You failed to mention my Freedom of Information request? Your responsible for security around this Nuclear Establishment yet you dismiss this threat with a smile? you never looked, you just signed your secretary's report? Your opinion about UFOs should have nothing to do with this security threat? Where with your permission I will give you a full detail of what happened that morning and why this has a massive change for mankind. All I'm asking is a chance to explain our sighting and how it all occurred. I feel sure that after meeting with us you will understand this sighting has many complications that could arise. I recently spoke to an employee regarding reporting the sighting but he refused, saying he was afraid of losing his job? I have tried many avenues to get an investigation into that mornings archives, where distortions and irregular readings will show all we saw. Your scientist-professor would know where to look? Radar, Info Red readings, heat cameras, lasers, gravitational waves-pulls, spectrometer's, radiation charts, changes, gamma ray readings all looked at with a possibility of the reading only showing up for a few seconds, all this information in archives and much more instrument readings I cant even dream about. We have the time within a 2 hour period, exact place, all archive evidence, something that size so close has to have left a trail-mark? My wife and I are prepared to take lie detector tests, truth drug if need be, we only want to report it so it gets investigated. we are not interested in the outcome. hoping for a reply, Michael lewendon ps have you not a duty to investigate a threat of this kind? This type of travel belongs to mankind, and your attitude is denying the world its future.

  2. OK, Seth,
    I was out of order, the nasty hominem attack as you put it is a cry for help, frustrated, I've been trying to get this investigated by someone who has the power and back up to do so. You and SETI fit that bill.
    You get calls everyday? nothing like this sighting, not one of your sightings comes anywhere near what we saw, You NEVER read the report of our sighting try UFOCHRONICLES-Michael Lewendon
    For 11 years I accused everyone for covering up this sighting, who wouldn't. When I went back 2 years ago it dawned on me what might have happened, REASONS, No birds, No plane trails, No noise, but most of all no passing traffic on road for at least 8 minutes. You cant stand on this road for a minute without traffic passing. This place AWE Burghfield is saturated with recorded instruments you and your people know of. Archive evidence will show distortions that when re-enacted might show how this time warp E/T thing happened?
    Yes you got to ask SETI to spend time and money on a chance in a million but for what end?
    You ask if I have proof? yes of coarse the proof is in the Archives of that day, I think there are three companies that run AWE and might have these Archives to hand, I believe NASA has a big say in one of them.
    Have I published it? yes I have in many UFO sites, Also I have informed hundreds of people and places that might be able to call up an investigation, started off being nice to them then got frustrated for lack of action and belief and ended up nasty and hominem attacking them, as you put it.
    Sent a letter to my queen asking for action, I'm the only person in this country never to get a reply,
    Sent in freedom of information request, it took them 20 days to say they never found anything? they said if I'm not happy I could complain to a higher authority the address they gave me didn't exist. Sent a letter to the man in charge of AWE Iain Coucher asking for an audience no reply, got MP to write to him, waste of space, if this man was picked up by E/T and dropped off to work every morning he still would not investigate.
    There are no other witnesses to this sighting, I've ask here there everywhere, I read UFO reports every day for something similar, thunderous rushing clouds racing through it pastel coloured windows through the middle, size of Wembly Stadium bigger huge, so close it blotted out most of the sky, hold your arms out look up into the sky tip to tip of your fingers is how big it was. You get emails every day saying same yea sure? Eight minutes broad daylight.
    Tell me something Seth this gets investigated and they find all we saw and proof of E/T warp travel, will it be made public knowledge? for all mankind to benefit? Would you report your findings?
    Gosh, now I'm an old man you had respect for? you say? Seth this sighting was not todays technology, its left a trail, it let us view it without harm, what's it going to take to investigate it. PENNIES OR DIMES in your case
    Seth you could call this up, I swear on all that's worth to me this will not let you down. This is how discoveries become known as one great man said.
    Not sure if you finished reading this email as you never did the last one, so I've waited until now to apologise for my attack BIG SORRY MATE.xx
    Michael lewendon

  3. My latest emails to Three Companies who hold these Archives in the hope this Sighting gets investigated?
    AWE’s boast is that it is “a centre of scientific, engineering and technological excellence, equipped with some of the most advanced research, design and production facilities in the world”.
    Together or Alone the above mentioned are responsible for our safety regarding notification and identifying threats to M.O.D Burghfield Reading ENGLAND postcode RG303RR. Where a report of a Huge Craft on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2004 has been ignored by the Authorities on the basis that the M.O.D does not investigate UFOs ?
    The Archives of that morning hold evidence of Space Travel.
    The SHAREHOLDERS of the three mentioned Companies have been withheld this information.
    This information or evidence belongs to Science for the use of mankind's future. Once these archives get investigated by scientists and physicist's of the said above Companies life on this planet will change overnight. The ability to travel through Space at speeds never believed possible before. My attempt to notify the British Forces-Government ETC, has fallen on death ears due to the fact the M.O.D no longer investigates UFOs. I'm aware this is old news and its not my fault that this has not been given its proper investigation, due to our report that has no other witnesses. The Size of the Craft? The place it happened? Saturated with Cameras? Hundreds of instrument recordings that morning at the Nuclear Establishment? Also Readings around the world and in Space that beam down and collect data?
    Spent years accusing everyone of covering up this Sighting? Until two years ago I visited the Site on its anniversary. This is when I noticed the differences? plenty of birds in the sky, planes taking off and landing, vehicles passing on road every 45 seconds at most. So how was it possible to stand in the road for eight minutes? how come never saw any birds or planes 14 years ago? Was we caught up in their time? Is that why no Camera evidence, would slowing down all recorded data show the distortions of this Crafts trail? Tooted the Van Horn many times, its loud, slow down the volume control on monitors? The Traffic that was missing that morning points to some sort of Time Warp Tunnel?
    Yes it was 14 years ago, and yes there was no other witnesses, but the Archives will be the same as if it was yesterday. They are still there. I'm not interested nor needing any notoriety regarding this Sighting, nor do I need to know why it came here or what it changed, or why us? Said this many times, this belongs to Mankind. My children's children.
    Sending this Email to you in the hope your Shareholders see the opportunity to investigate this Sighting with the technology it deserves.
    signed truthfully MICHAEL LEWENDON

  4. On 11th September 2004 between 6.30am to 7.30am at AWE Burghfield, Reading Berkshire, ENGLAND postcode RG30 3RR my wife and I witnessed a UFO.
    Not unusual, thousands upon thousands have seen UFOs. Spent everyday since wondering why, how, etc., accused everyone for covering it up, made assumptions of it being this or that, emailed a few people asking them to investigate the sighting?. Even wrote to my Queen, Defence secretary, MI5, MI6, Royal Air Force, Navy, Army, Steven Hawkins, David Cameron, Teresa May, Barak Obama, also every Newspaper in England, all TV News channels, in England and United States, Sent emails to top Scientists and physicists, and more, many more. Why they don’t respond? although Barak did is mainly because of the place it occurred, a Nuclear Establishment where if you chucked a pigeon up in the air it would send off alarm systems. This place has many cameras, hundreds, it also has detection systems of all kinds, many of you reading this will know what kinds? THESE instrument readings that are held in archives at AWE and various places including NASA, hold the answers to Time Travel. If and when somebody ever checks these readings out they will find all we saw. Even though it has HUGE security risk and other complications an official letter to Ian COUCHER was received from a Reading MP to investigate the above, his reply was no less than hideous reading. He never even read the Freedom of Information request that was sent in? Security risk? there should be an investigation called on his actions regarding this matter?
    Today 17/10/2017 Still no inquirey? unreal, how much does it cost to look? I have had petitions refused? After getting the public to ask for a Reading in Parliament. lied to by top F.O.I request people? They sent me an email address where i could appeal if I disagreed to their findings that never existed? This CRAFT was not todays technology, a vist from the future maybe? Aliens maybe? Security and Defence of this World depends on M.O.D in every Country. We have here in ENGLAND Archive evidence of such a fret, yet the people who could call up this investigation, don’t. They should all be ashamed of themselves,and lower their eyes from all their loved ones, because its these that should matter. Hope one of the named above read this, Mankind, the future needs this technology and by not calling up this investigation you all will be remembered and disgraced in history. Todays date 10/11/2018 and yes I'm still trying to get a UFO sighting Investigated by The Authorities and no one has contacted my wife or I for more Information. But as these archives which stretch around the world and probably in space, all they need is the time 6.30am to 7.30am England RG30 3RR. Other Countries around the world can look at their Archive Evidence to look for Distortion's that will show up this time warp tunnel-new energy force? Something of this size must have left a trail in many places on many recording instruments. RUSSIA, CHINA, AMERICA, many more Countries have a say in this New Energy all they need to do is check their Archive Evidence for that exact time, maybe be slow down the Data. These Countries could ask England to give them the exact time, to the second, which would save time and be a great help? Seeing as England refuses to acknowledge UFO sightings, and don't investigate any more, it only seems right for the benefit of mankind that England gives all the Information they have, Archives of hundreds of cameras recordings, Hundreds of Instrument readings taking Data and recordings. Evidence of all we saw. Evidence of a new type of energy. Our children's future.
    Michael lewendon


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