Monday, January 22, 2018

SETI's Seth Shostak On The Pentagon UFO Program | VIDEO

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Seth Shostak on Pentagon UFO Program

     Seth Shostak took to his FaceBook page to do a one man stand-up show, performing his shtick last Thursday (1-18-18) and taking questions in the aftermath. For those who presumed that the revelation of a 5 year secret UFO investigation
By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
perpetrated by the Department of Defense, along with Navy pilots coming forward who engaged a UFO, supported by radar and FLIR video, would give Shostak pause re Ufology—it ain’t happenin’!

Shostak, in my view seemed only to have taken a cursory look at the reports surrounding the disclosure of the formerly secret UFO program. At one point he couldn’t recall what the acronym, AATIP (Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program) meant—the very subject of what he was addressing! If a university student gave such a presentation, he would have been given a failing grade.

Ironically, Shostak spoke a bit about arguments from ignorance ….

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  1. Seth knows exactly what's going on but he is now just another tool working for the U.S. disinformation campaign. He was a player when the WOW! signal was received and has been an active participant in the UFO cover-up ever since.

  2. Hey, if I'm a tool for an ("apparently secret") disinformation campaign, does that mean I get some back pay?

    Also, the WOW signal was picked up at Ohio State in 1977. I'm sure I was a player at something (maybe parchesi?), but my job at that time had nothing to do with SETI (or UFOs). I was on the astronomy faculty at a university in Europe. Maybe S/V is part of a disinformation campaign, given that this information is full tilt bonkers.


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