Friday, November 03, 2017

UFO Hacked Nuclear Codes

Nuclear Missiles Activated

     Russia and the United States were on the verge of a nuclear war because of the UFO attack on secret military bases on which strategic missiles went on alert.
(rough translation)

Sensational documents and evidence of participants in the events confirm that the Soviet military base in Belokorovichy and the US Air Force Base in Minot were attacked by aliens from outer space. While UFOs were hovering over missile launch sites, in just a few seconds, the security codes for the launch systems of nuclear missiles were cracked, almost unleashing the third world war.

Journalists of "Life" found unique documents about this state of emergency and found eyewitnesses of an alien attack.

For the 20-year-old radio operator of the 50th missile division of the Strategic Missile Force of the Carpathian Military District, Vladimir Matveev, October 4, 1982, was the day he remembered for life. In the evening he and a thousand more soldiers and officers witnessed how a UFO for almost an hour hung over the mines in which the R-12 missiles are located.

- It was incredible - about one and a half kilometers from us hung a huge saucer in the shape of an ellipse, "the former rocket launcher tells the "Life" with excitement. - The size of the UFO was shocking - it was as big as a five-story house! The saucer flashed lights that were barely noticeable. The guys at this time were going to dinner, and everyone saw it! The UFO continued to hover, slowly shifting to the left, as if drifting. One officer tried to approach it closer by car. It did not work out - the UFO flew over the car. At that time, all missile systems suddenly crashed. All equipment, units that were automatically receiving signals, wrote absolute silence on the tape-and this should not happen! After all, even space produces sounds. We were told that everything was burned down!


In his report, Major Mikhail Katsman, in charge of automated control systems, reported that computer technology and security systems had brought out a sudden powerful pulse. He wrote that at the same time all the boards for the missile launching systems for strategic purposes were lit.

"I was witness of all these events and saw the UFO, but I do not have the right to tell what happened to the secret equipment - I signed a on non-disclosure document of state secrets," Yury Zolotukhin, the former head of the CSBUiS, told the journalist Zhizni.

About what happened in the underground bunker, where there were control panels for the launching of missiles, are evidenced by explanatory notes of officers. The control panels lit up all the bulbs, which meant the full readiness of the missiles to launch.

"The equipment went into combat readiness mode," recalls the former deputy head of the unit, Yuri Zhuk.

This is possible only after receiving an appropriate order from Moscow. But it was not - it all happened by itself. Officers on duty in the military calculation, suddenly turned gray: the information that appeared on the board, said that all stages of protection against unauthorized launching of missiles were hacked! In just a few seconds, they lost control of nuclear weapons.

Shocked by what had happened, the officers began to call Moscow. They were told that no one gave the order for launch. After 15 seconds, all by itself returned to its normal position.

- A few days later came the commission, which conducted a survey of witnesses. The guys gave them their UFO drawings, - tells the missile Vladimir Matveyev. "One of the officers swore on his party ticket that he was not drunk." A few days later we were built and read out an order from the Commander in Chief of Strategic Missile Forces No. P010: at sight of the UFO, do not panic and do not open fire. Then I understood why the officers who held their hand "on the button" were not the same age as the old ones.


At the US Air Force Base in Minot, North Dakota, there was a similar case - the American scientist-ufologist, 60-year-old Robert Hastings, told the "Life" journalist about this incident. He is the author of studies related to the activity of UFOs on strategic nuclear facilities. Hastings personally talked with Lieutenant David Schuur, the former commander of the division for the launch of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

- Schuur told me that in 1966 he was a participant in the events, when the launch of missiles was consistently activated by forces of unidentified objects, "says the ufologist. - Here his words verbatim: "At first the security service of the airbase informed me that a large bright object appeared above us. At a time when the UFO was approaching a rocket, reports appeared on the consoles about their launch. This meant that somehow the missile received a signal about the launch. Each time I had to manually enter the lock so that the start process was stopped. All UFO activities were very similar to the process of scanning missiles. The next day, the command asked them not to tell anyone about this incident. "

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