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UFOs Appear in Air Force Training Manual

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UFOs Appear in Air Force Training Manual

What's a Drawing Like This - By Robert Barrow APRO Bulletin April 1980

What's a Drawing Like That, Doing in a Place Like This?

     One day, we were instructed to complete, in class, a manual and test on Air Force security. Working diligently from page to page of the booklet, dated 1 January 1968 and entitled, "Air Force Standard Communications Security Education Program (Transmission Security)," I at last reached page 56–where I suddenly encountered a strange sight indeed. Under the heading, "Proper communications Security Procedures," was a drawing depicting two unmistakably saucer-shaped craft, armed and firing no less. Below the drawing a caption read: "Information concerning radically new and extremely important weapons or equipment should be classified Top Secret.
Robert Barrow
By Robert Barrow
APRO Bulletin
April 1980

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