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Bodies of Alien Creatures in the Hands of American Authorities | UFO CHRONICLE – 1950

'Flying Disc' Visitors From Strange Planet - The Nation (Rangoon Burma) 1-2-1950

Bodies of 3 Foot High "Strange Creatures" in American Hands

     ...according to "confidential sources," one of the such flyings discs [UFOs] together with its occupants–all of them dead–had fallen into the hands of the American authorities. These visitors from another
The Nation
world were killed, Pratt said when their flying disc entered the atmoshere of the earth.

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  1. Baffling. For anyone wondering, the recovered saucer and bodies story is the Silas Newton Aztec story, then still init's infancy. Fletcher Pratt was part of the Hydra Club, a NYC group of SF writers that included some notable skeptics, and this story seems way out of character for him. From their 1949 shindig, which may very well be the incident described in the article:
    “We were invited... to attend the annual party of the Hydra Club, an outfit composed of writers of science fiction...
    Fletcher Pratt appeared on the platform and made a speech about flying saucers, which he branded a big fake. He was followed by Mr. Ley, who told a story about the footprints of an aardvark being mistaken for those of a dinosaur and expressed agreement with Mr. Pratt's conclusion as to flying saucers. A man about five feet tall interrupted the proceedings at this point, screaming ‘Leave the saucers as a matter of faith!’ "That's Lester del Rey," a gentleman next to us said. "One of the best in the field."
    “Weird, Astounding” The New Yorker, January 21, 1950 P. 19 by Jerome Stanton and John McCarten.


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