Sunday, April 09, 2017

Unsolved UFO Case Baffles Police Officer

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Unsolved UFO Case Baffles Police Officer

     HOUSTON (KTRK–The Mutual UFO Network in Houston reports about 80 suspected UFO sightings a year.

That's not including the ones that are seen but not reported.

One top UFO expert, Fletcher Gray, explains why so many of the sightings aren't UFOs. But, he also says there is one case that he still can't figure out.
By Foti Kallergis


Many sightings turn out to be aircrafts, weather balloons, or lanterns. But one sighting still puzzles Gray to this day.

Traveling down Highway 1960 near Dayton, Gray shows us the spot where a man told him he saw an aircraft that defied gravity.

"It spanned all the way to that tree line over there," he said.

A photo of what the aircraft may have looked like confounds Gray to its size.

The eyewitness told Gray the aircraft could be seen hovering. And then, it disappeared.

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