Thursday, March 30, 2017

"445 Sightings of UFOs Recorded by the Italian Air Military"

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UFOs Over Stadio Artemi Franchi- Florence, Italy

     Whether you’re a believer or not, an agreed concept of what extra-terrestrial life looks like is deeply embedded in the popular psyche. ...

Photographer Manfredi Pantanella was one such subscriber. “Since I was a kid I have always looked at the sky and to the stars, imagining inhabitants of other planets,” he tells TIME. ...
By Alexandra Genova

Now, Pantanella puts the believers – or ‘sky-watchers' — at the center of the story, in his new project C.Y.K.A.S / Can You Keep a Secret.

“What I wanted to understand was where this need to search for something else came from,” says Pantanella. In the photographer’s home country of Italy, there is a growing tribe of ‘Ufologists’ whose belief in extra-terrestrial life is tantamount to religious certitude. The Centro Ufologico Nazionale (Italian National Ufology Centre) was established in 1967 and since 1972 there have been 445 sightings of UFOs recorded by the Italian Air Military.

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