Monday, April 04, 2016

Will Hillary Clinton Unmask Area 51?

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Will Hillary Clinton Unmask Area 51

     If you’re worried about little gray guys with no hair and amygdaloid eyes, Hillary Clinton wants to help. Last week, in an interview with late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel, Clinton said that she planned to follow up on inquiries made years ago by her husband, and bare what the government really knows about visiting aliens.
By Seth Shostak
The Huffington Post

The principal question: Are a few such cosmic beings — or at least some of their spacecraft — under wraps at Area 51, Nevada’s creepy, cryptic military facility? Inquiring minds want to know.

Of course they do. But I doubt that Clinton can provide a satisfactory answer.

First, the back story. For decades, surveys have shown that roughly one-third of the populace will raise their hand if asked, “Do you think Earth is being visited by extraterrestrials?” That’s a hundred million Americans, and of course, some of them have political influence. When Bill Clinton was president, the wealthy philanthropist Laurance Rockefeller sponsored, and then promoted, a document that described what was called the best evidence for alien craft. He met with Bill Clinton in 1996, and encouraged him make a deep dive on the subject. Clinton tried to learn if cosmic creatures were warehoused at Area 51, but said he came up empty.

Now we have UFO redux. Hillary is being urged by her campaign manager, John Podesta, to think again. Or at least, to ask again. Podesta, who was Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff and more recently Counselor to President Obama, now chairs Hillary’s campaign. He’s long pushed for disclosure of any government information germane to the UFO question, and for over two decades has made this a minor leitmotif for the Clintons.

So what is Hillary going to do that her husband didn’t? [...]

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  1. No. SHe is lying. She will not be allowed to even visit.


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