Saturday, March 12, 2016

UFO Movies: ‘Favorite’ vs. ‘Best’

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UFO Movies: ‘Favorite’ vs. ‘Best’

     As the author of Silver Screen Saucers, a book about the historical intersections between UFO fact and fantasy in Hollywood, I’m often asked, “What are your favourite UFO movies?” I’m also asked, “What are the best UFO movies?”

To my mind, these are two very different questions. I’ve always been keen to make a clear distinction between ‘favorite’ (a term which triggers subjective and impulsive choices, often stemming from nostalgia) and ‘best’ (which demands objective judgements based on technical and artistic value). For a film snob like me, ‘favorite’ and ‘best’ can sometimes be worlds apart.
Robbie Graham
By Robbie Graham

Citizen Kane is, undeniably, a great film; a towering achievement that pushed the boundaries of cinematic craft and form. It’s also as boring as cabbage. Seriously, I’ve yet to meet anyone who feels pumped at the notion of watching Citizen Kane. My point is, I recognize Orson Welles’ film as one of the best ever made, but I’d happily never watch it again in my lifetime. [...]

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