Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Experiencers: Not Your Dad’s Alien Abductees

The Experiencers: Not Your Dad’s Alien Abductees
     They used to be called alien abductees; these days they have rebranded and call themselves experiencers.

The earliest-known alien abduction that was extensively reported was the Betty and Barney Hill case in the 1960s. The New England couple’s experiences were widely reported, published in a book, and a movie was even made about them starring James Earl Jones.
Cheryl Costa
In the ’60s and through the ’70s, the topic was relatively obscure and it was folks like Dr. John Mack who did the early research on the topic, publishing several books of his own.

In the mid 1970’s, some loggers in Snowflake, Arizona had one of their members abducted while they were returning from some logging work in an isolated wooded area. For five days, the whereabouts of Travis Walton was the subject of television coverage and nationwide news stories. When Walton was finally found, he and his team were subjected to integration and lie detector tests, all if which they passed. In 1993, a major film titled Fire In The Sky was released about the abduction events. [...]

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