Monday, February 29, 2016

Concaved UFO Photographed in Bolivar, Venezuela

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Concaved UFO Photographed in Bolivar, Venezuela 2-20-16

     An Unidentified Flying Object large was photographed last February 20 at 05:50 pm (HLV) in the largest Bolivar state of Venezuela, located in the region Guayana, and known worldwide both for its mineral wealth and its hydrographic potential.

José Ramón Orta, the only witness and author of the image, told the journalist Hector Escalante who as leader of the Orinoco Moto Club, every Saturday or Sunday with his teammates moved to Puerto Ordaz, where they gather to share experiences related to motorcycling experiences, but that day he had to go alone.
Hector Escalante
Ovni Venezuela

It wields that while traveling on his motorcycle by the Simon Bolivar highway, east-west, connecting Puerto Ordaz in Ciudad Bolivar, capital of the southeastern state, managed to gaze at the sky the strange artifact. "In my opinion it was metallic, matte gray, dull. He had no lights, no smoke, nor made any noise "he said.

He noted that it had extended form: "It was concave down like a glider." According to his description, the UFO, the size compared to that of a DC-9, approximately overflying the area "at low altitude and very slow."

Orta, who serves as oncologic gynecologist and university professor, said the witness such an event, quickly pulled from his pocket cell phone and took the picture with the left hand while driving the right wheel.

Beyond the rarity of the object, claims have been surprised by the effect on the motorcycle. "I came with the engine at 6,000 rpm (revolutions per minute), but passing under the object, the bike is held alone, and the engine dropped to 3,000 rpm, then leave it behind, the engine turned at 6,000 rpm and kept rolling without fail, "he stressed.

In that stretch of road, he mentions, "there's only savannah on both sides", but about 30 km north of the highway, "runs the channel of the Orinoco", the fourth longest South American river (2800 km) and the third largest river in the world after the Amazon and the Congo.

It also adds that too, at a considerable distance, "right on the isthmus that divides Puerto Ordaz San Felix, is the caruachi dam" which is more than 60 kilometers and down Aguas El Guri reservoir, and -Water top- 25 kilometers from the dam the Macagua.

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