Thursday, February 04, 2016

Australian UFO Cases Galore

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Was Strange Object in the Sky Near Sydney a 'Flying Saucer' – The Evening Advocate (Australia  5-26-1950)

Paul Dean By Paul Dean

      Recently, a very impressive quantity – a total of 33 in fact – of digitally scanned newspapers have been added to the National Library of Australia’s (NLA) “Trove” archive. Like most other newspapers of old, these new editions are contain articles, editorials and opinion pieces about UFO’s and other unusual aerial phenomenon, Including material that appears to be new to us. Some of these newspapers date back to 1910. For those of you who don’t know, “Trove” is an online library “database aggregator” and “free faceted-search engine”. It successfully brings together content from libraries, newspapers, museums and other research organisations and helps users explore them. For us, Trove’s digitised newspaper section is what is most valuable. The NLA states:
The digitised newspaper zone is the most heavily-used part of Trove, and no wonder – more than 100 million newspaper articles, documenting more than 150 years of Australian history. And it’s growing all the time. All digitised, all free, all for you.
Searching Trove, and presenting some of the material, even if it is just a small fraction, has become a recent habit of mine. Again, I present some new material using 40 different keywords, or combinations of keywords, that I used tonight to discover some novel hitherto unseen newspaper articles.

The first one that jumped out at me was a 1954 article, Monday the 18th of January, titled “TO BE BELIEVED, PEOPLE MUST DEFINE SAUCER’S NOISE”. The newspaper this appeared in “The Evening Advocate” based in Innisfail, Queensland. [...]

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