Saturday, January 09, 2016

'UFO' Recorded in the Skies Above Manchester | VIDEO

'UFO' Recorded in the Skies Above Manchester 1-6-16

By Alex Hibbert

      This footage shows a 'UFO' in the skies above Manchester – but we’re pretty confident it’s not proof of extraterrestrial life.

The clip was taken by a holiday-maker as he took off from the city’s airport, and shows unusual white lines streaming through the air.

It was uploaded to YouTube earlier this week by David Ball, from Chorlton, who was searching for answers from the public about what the unidentified flying object could be. [...]

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  1. Hi
    On Friday evening 8th January 2016 appx 18:00 Hrs, I saw a very strange object which basically was just a white light, it was under the cloud cover and moved in a spasmodic way, it then began a steady trajectory and pace, I live in Leigh, Manchester, which is on the Manchester Airport flight path so I see many aircraft in a day and it wasn't a plane. An elderly friend passing also saw the object after I pointed it out to him.

    Later that same evening at 21:06 and as I returned home, from the corner of my eye I thought I had seen a bright blue light, I looked but nothing was there, all of a sudden something shot into the sky from the ground it appeared, but I can't be certain, we are very light polluted where I live so I headed into my alleyway in pitch black for a clearer view, the object had gone but suddenly re-appeared for approximately 10-15 seconds performing aeronautics that defied belief, rapid acceleration vertically, left and right spinning type of movement then a decent like I've never seen before, this all appeared to be taking place by estimated distance I'd say near to or about the Winter hill TV mast or the Belmont area of Horwich near Bolton. By sheer chance my elderly friend was again walking up my street and I informed him again what I had seen and remarked on the coincidence him again being near by, as I was pointing out the general area of this beautifully coloured light it again suddenly reappeared and we both were treated to a show that can only have originated off world! The speed and manoeuvrability of this object and sudden stops took our breath away! My times are accurate based on the fact I called a friend on both occasions during the display and took the time-stamps to be the time of sightings. My friend claimed to have seen many things night fishing, but his eyes widened as we both witnessed what can only be described as a UFO... We were facing North from the Butts Bridge area of Leigh and the object was dancing within a 60 - 90 degree angle of view.

    Was it just the two of us or did anyone else see these incredible lights?

    Cheers Finn


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