Thursday, January 28, 2016

JCS/CIA Telegram: UFOs Entering the Ocean (Redux) | MY UFO EXPERIENCE

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UFO Rising from Ocean

By Reader Submitted Report

     I want to share two things that happened when I was 13 and 14 years old. I am now 66 years old:

When I was 13, my mother and I saw a tear-dropped shape UFO, flying over Newport Rhode Island after dark. It went at a moderatly fast rate of speed high accross part of the sky and then just shot staight up at an incredible rate of speed and dissappeared.

My Father was a Naval officer, and my mother called the sighting into the Newport Naval Base.--Then about a year or two later, after we were transferred to San Francisco, My father was given the position of Naval Representative to the Joint Chiefs of Staff also working somewhat with the CIA.

One day he called me upstairs and because of my interest from a couple of years before, showed me a telegram that went through the Joint Chiefs of Staff and CIA, describing a sighting of a UFO entering the ocean a a certain latidude and longitude. He told me that they received these telegrams two or three times a week, always in the same location of the ocean. He said the telegram was classified and for me to tell no one else. My father passed away in 2000, and my mother gave me permission to share this. I found out last year that my brother was also shown the telegram.


  1. I don't care WHAT the gov't is telling me,
    I believe NOTHING they say.
    You would be wise to listen or read with
    EXTREME scepticism.

  2. When I was 9/10 years we were at my Pops place,he had a farm and a milking shed about 400 metres from his house and my two uncles lived with nanna and pop ,dad mum and I were just visiting that ,around sunset after the milking was done I went into nannas pantry ,it was a room with food and stuff in it as I turned around there was a really bright shiny ball right in front of me ,I went to move but I was frozen stiff I couldn"t move an inch ,I couldn"t do anything the bright light just stayed there,I heard my dads voice say"has anyone seen Gavin"where"s gavin"[that"s my name ] my dad opened the pantry door and the light disappeared and I ran out past dad and out to back of the house and everyone was standing there looking down at the milking shed ,my Pop said "who going down to see what all the noise is coming from the milking shed I heard my uncle say"I not going down "all the big cans of milk were ratteling and they are pretty heavy when full,nobody would go down to the shed to see what was going on,,Prio to the time there was a report about light coming along the river reported in the Warrnambool standard paper,the council said it was swamp gas? this happened at Panmure inthe western district of Victoria Australia,I had forgotten all about it until I grew older and the internet came along and some articles I have read about orbs etc reminded me about that incident I am now 71 was very strange at the time and it scared me some what,,but I can swear that it is true,,


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