Monday, December 07, 2015

UFO Seen Above Caterham

UFO Seen Above Caterham 11-21-5

By Surrey Mirror

      IS IT a plane, a trick of the light, or something more unworldly?

Caterham resident Julie Starmer – who is open to the idea there may be extra-terrestrial life out there – was left perplexed by a sighting in the night sky on November 21.

She said: "It was a white sausage-shaped light with red and green lights flashing in a kind of sequence across it.

"It stayed in the same position for 20 minutes, with the light staying at the same level of brightness, so couldn't have been an aeroplane."

Ms Starmer, a seamstress who lives in Alexander Crescent, said: "It was too big and very high up to be a drone.

"I'm not an avid UFO spotter or anything like that. This was the first time I've spotted something weird in the sky.

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