Saturday, October 03, 2015

Will Alien Life Change Christians' Perspective?

Will Alien Life Change Christians' Perspective?

By Stoyan Zaimov

     Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno, director of the Vatican Observatory, has commented on the recent NASA discovery that suggests there might be flowing water on Mars, by stating that finding alien life could paint a different picture to who God is for Christians.

"The important thing is to recognize that the universe is created by God, and however God did it tells us something about God's personality," Consolmagno said, according to Vatican Radio.

"If God chose to make a universe where we are the only creatures, that is interesting, that tells us something about God and us," he added.

"If God creates a universe where life is everywhere, that gives us a different picture of God, but in either way, we learn more about Who the Creator is." [...]

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  1. 1. If God did not create the Earth in Vain, but to be inhabited, why would he leave all of the other planets lifeless?
    2. Numberous mention is made of the Heavenly Host, with Michael /Yashua being the leader of it.
    3. Numerous mentions of the Fallen Angels. ETs confined to Earth since they wanted to interfear with its inhabitants so much.
    4. Physical remains of the olden legendary giants. Large skulls found in Peracus (sp) Puru, Bolivia and all over the world.
    5. Traces of radiation, glassified sands and other anomalies, legends of nuclear war, Vedas.
    6. Genesis. Two creation stories attempted at sometime to be referenced as one but the order of creation is different. Sumerian records explain more. Adam 1 had an affinity with mining. Adam 2, us, with gardening. By the creation genetic engineering of Adam 2 the rebellion in 'heaven' had occurred.

    So might be a good idea to be causious of what ever message the 'visitors' may be proclaiming. According the Bible this rebellion is in its last stages. Might just be more windfall 'gifts' of crashed chariots of the Gods for us humans to recover.


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