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UFO Waves - An International Bibliography

UFO Waves - An International Bibliography

Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos By Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos
October 2015


     In the study of UFO phenomena there are several topics that emerge as key issues for the understanding and potential resolution of this worldwide enigma. The subject of UFO waves and UFO flaps is, evidently, one of these.

Compiling bibliographies of research items has been a recurrent interest in my investigative life, as I have always thought that, as in mainstream science disciplines, progress is linked to the knowledge of prior work in the field. Those who ignore what their senior colleagues have produced on a given matter waste time duplicating past efforts or are unable to build upon previous finds.

Over the years, the field of ufology has produced many authoritative bibliographies. With a few exceptions, these are general lists of literature, sometimes annotated, but usually not organized by topic. Nevertheless, these assist the researcher and represent an academic advancement. As I am committed to the concept of achieving a synthesis of knowledge in some of the main areas of the study of UFOs, I think a more pragmatic approach is to design a series of very specific, subject-focused bibliographies.

As a practical example, I have combed through my files to create a thorough bibliography of articles and papers related to the mystery of UFO waves, those periods when UFO reporting increases noticeably and suddenly with respect to average historical records. I have been assisted by a number of top scholars who have contributed references, actual materials, pdfs and online links to create what is intended to be a comprehensive list of the literature on this subject published all over the world. [...]

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