Saturday, October 31, 2015

Mysterious Sea Monster Caught on Camera by Tourist

Mysterious Sea Monster Caught on Camera by Tourist - October 2015

By Sky McCarthy

     A Scottish tourist unwittingly captured an unidentifiable sea monster while vacationing in Greece.

Harvey Robertson was on a boat cruise off the coast of Parga, sailing through sea caves with his family. He was initially just trying to capture the unusual color of the surrounding water with his iPhone camera.

What he shot instead has baffled those across the Internet—and marine scientists. Looking back through his camera, Robertson saw that he had captured a grey creature that resembles an elongated manatee. The strange animal appears to pop out of the water in one photo, then disappears under the greenish water in the next. [...]

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  1. Ahrrrrrr matey, perhaps here there be dugongs! They're found around the waters of Egypt and other nearby coastlines, so Greece wouldn't be surprising. They're a more streamlined Manatee relative. Nice picture,


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