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The Roswell Slides Slow and Painful Death

The Roswell Slides Slow and Painful Death

By Tim Printy

     After the release of SUNlite 7-4, the Roswell Slides debacle practically disappeared from the Internet. Maussan and his experts appeared to be still sticking to their guns regarding the supposed size of the body and that the body is not the mummy that was on display at Montezuma Castle/Mesa Verde. Most of their arguments are severely flawed as I pointed out in last issue. They have yet to hold their planned press conference, which was canceled last June. Maybe Maussan will hope that his failure will fade from memory and he can move on to the next UFO promotional event.

From what I have been able to understand, Schmitt and Carey did not mention the slides at the Roswell festival. In August, Carey finally appeared to tell everyone on the Jim Harold podcast that the case was not closed on the slides. His arguments were all the same nonsense spouted out prior to SUNlite 7-4. They are as weak as they are worthless. Carey then went out of his way to show disdain for certain members of the Roswell Slides Research Group. We rained on his parade and now he is attempting to demonize the group.

Meanwhile, the Carey and Schmitt apologists have figured a way to keep them credible. They are being excused for their woefully inadequate research by stating they were limited by Adam Dew’s control of the slides. It is hard to believe such exaggerations because all of the promoters claimed to have access to the high quality scans of the slides prior to the event. Deblurring Bragalia’s scans demonstrated the evidence was there for all to discover. They simply did not want to look.

This excuse of being fooled by Dew, if accurate, brings up a serious problem with Carey and Schmitt’s research that they publish. If they were so easily fooled by a photograph of a mummy, what does it say for all those interviews they claim prove Roswell was the crash of an alien spaceship? Is it possible that some, most, or all of their witnesses have been fooling them as well? How much of what they write is just as inaccurate as the research they conducted on the slides themselves? Quite a few of the statements made by these two “respected researchers” before and after May 5th were so inaccurate and misleading that one has to really question just about anything they say or write about the subject. I have been under the opinion for many years that the writings in Schmitt and Carey’s books are wild exaggerations and distortions. The Roswell slides fiasco confirmed that opinion.

Ten “undeniable truths” about the Roswell slides

Based on how Tom Carey and Don Schmitt write their conclusions about Roswell, an “Undeniable truth” does not have to be a fact. It is just their opinion. With that in mind, I created some of my own “undeniable truths” regarding the Roswell slides. However, contrary to what Carey and Schmitt state about the Roswell case, many of these “truths” ARE facts. Others are opinions based on a preponderance of the evidence.
1. Tom Carey, after examining the slides, declared that the photographs were not taken in a museum setting even though there are numerous artifacts visible in the photograph that demonstrate it was a museum of some kind.

2. Don Schmitt conceded that the slides showed a mummy but reversed his opinion a few weeks later.

3. Tom Carey stated that skeptics could not admit when they are wrong but can not admit he might have made a mistake with the Roswell slides.

4. The placard, when deblurred, states that the body is that of a mummified two year old boy. This is a proven fact that many people have been able to replicate.

5. There was a mummified body of a two year old boy that was on display at Mesa Verde in early 1947. Photographs of this body in the records, despite objections by Carey, Schmitt, and Maussan, are a good match to the body seen in the Roswell slides.

6. The Rays visited Colorado during the mid to late 1940s as evidenced by their photographs from the region.

7. There is no evidence, that can be verified, which proves Bernard and Hilda Ray ever personally knew the Eisenhowers.

8. Jaimie Maussan has reneged on his reward for photographs that match the Roswell slides. He can make everyone think the body is not the same but the evidence indicates otherwise.

9. None of the scientists, employed by Maussan, have published any of their findings in independent scientific journals where their work is subject to criticism from qualified experts.

10. There is no evidence presented that the Roswell Slides are a photograph of an alien discovered at Roswell or that it is something that is not human.

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