Thursday, August 06, 2015

UFO Sphere Lands On The Road | MY UFO EXPERIENCE

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UFO Sphere Lands On The Road

Reader Submitted report

     My name is Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx, and I’m from Long Beach.

This incident actually happened to my landlords in the 1970’s. They were an elder couple from Long Beach, Ca.. She was ill and Drs. had warned her that if she did not quit smoking she could die. She asked her husband to take her to Las Vegas, as she had never been there. They asked me to take care of their dogs and they took off for a great weekend.

On their way back, they explained that they had encountered a very large luminous metallic colored ball. They said it must have been the size of a house, and was just sitting in the middle of a dirt road, off the main highway. They curiously took the dirt road just to see what it was. To their surprise, as they neared it, it bounced a few feet away from the car. Very curiously they continued nearing it, and low and behold, they said that it immediately shot off into the sky. When they returned to Long Beach, they could hardly wait to tell me the story. They immediately called me over and they were obviously very excited. This was a couple in their 70’s. I never forgot what they told me. I truly believed what they said.

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