Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bears React to UFOs?

Bears React to UFOs

By Roger Marsh

     Reactions on the ground to UFOs moving overhead have been reported for centuries ranging from people saying they were transfixed during the encounter to some running for cover.

Researchers reporting in the professional journal, Current Biology, tracked a bear’s reaction to UFOs after limited studies indicated most bears simply ignored anything flying overhead.

The UFO was an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipped with video to capture the bear’s apparent reaction. But the free roaming American black bears in northwestern Minnesota being tracked and photographed in their natural setting had been fitted with Iridium satellite GPS collars and cardiac biologgers.

The collar would then send an email to the researchers every two minutes indicating the bear’s current location. The researchers then programmed a UAV to move to the bear’s location.

One researcher was quoted in Phys.org.

“Some of the spikes in the heart rate of the bears were far beyond what we expected,” says Mark Ditmer of the University of Minnesota, St. Paul. “We had one bear increase her heart rate by approximately 400 percent—from 41 beats per minute to 162 beats per minute. Keep in mind this was the strongest response we saw, but it was shocking nonetheless.”

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