Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Alien Skeleton Unearthed at Russia's Stonehenge? | VIDEO

Alien Skeleton Unearthed at Russia's Stonehenge?

By Jon Austin
UFO hunters are hoping the discovery of a skeleton with a huge skull will become conclusive proof of aliens visiting Earth.
     The spectacular full skeleton with an "alien-like skull" was discovered at Arkaim, known as Russia's answer to Stonehenge.

It has sparked fresh hope among the UFO community that tangible evidence of extra terrestrial beings has now been found.

UFologists rushed to insist it was proof that aliens had once visited Earth when pictures of the humanoid figure with the egg-shaped skull emerged.

Video has been released of Russian archaeologists unearthing the strange-shaped skull . . ..

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  1. These are no more 'alien' than King Tut. Not directy. If thought is put into it, the royality linages of Europe carried on the ancient traditions (as from Egypt and Sumria) of being descended from the 'Gods'. The larger than normal skull shape can be seen in some truly ancient Egyptian portraits of their kings. More interesting though are the skulls being unearthed in Peru an elsewhere that are coming to light, (instead of being destroyed or hidden elsewhere). Supposedly there were these types of beings also buried in American indian mound constructions. Long has there been speculation that there has been a second 'race' of humanoids of high intelligence living on this planet right along side us all this time. Many legends from all over. Faey kin. The Dannon (sp?) from Ireland that were defeated and forced to take a bad deal to go underground. American Indians still speak of beings that live in tunnel complexes underground, and supposedly there is an ancient complex somewhere in Death Valley that had the equilivant of modern microwave ovens.
    Now the remenants of these ancient beings are coming to light. Their ancestors may have indeed been 'aliens' but they are truly terrestrial. The 'Nephilium, Kachinias, etc.


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