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Roswell Slides UPDATE: Additional Mummy Photo Found—Maussan backpedals on Bounty


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SL Palmer Mummy SL Palmer Mummy (By Frank & Frances Frank Hadl)
Mummy found at Montezuma Castle in 1896, part of S.L. Palmer Collection (AKA "Roswell Alien") Credit: Frank & Frances Hadl - December, 1956

Mummy Pics Juxtaposed
Image on left is a shot of the Palmer mummy (AKA "Roswell Alien"), allegedly taken by Bernerd & Hilda Ray, circa 1947. Image on right is the same mummy taken in December, 1956, by Frances & Frank Hadl; shot


By José Antonio Caravaca

     Following the publication (06/09/2015) by the forensic expert Jorge Peredo of a new and exclusive photograph of the "Roswell Mummy", the controversy was raging again about this matter. Peredo said on their FB wall:
"Being concerned fall as had been speculated the mummy found in the archaeological site of Montezuma Castle in Arizona Mesa taken between 1950 and 1960, found on the ledge in front of the second floor of the Castle Montesuma 1896 during excavations conducted by Mr. SL Palmer in company with Richard Wetherill, At the time of burial was child was wearing and cotton shirt. His funeral wrappers consisted of three small blankets of the same material."
Maussan Reward Offer - Recompensa
Maussan's offer re reward for a photo and or the body of the mummy

Jaime Maussan immediately had offered a financial reward for new photographs offered "mummy" (believing not have to be an "alien"), lashed out hard against this stating that it was a painting retouched by computer, developed to deceive the public. But within days the investigations of UFO researcher Anthony Bragalia and a German colleague ended up devastating confirm this information. Picasa web known researchers found, among thousands of photo collections, a very interesting album belonging to a woman named "Frances".

The album includes a trip to Arizona dated 1957 and 1967, and that this is the most important, was published on September 7, 2008 on the internet. Curiously, the "picture 51" shows the "humanoid" Roswell slide, in this case a mummy of a child, exhibited at the Museum of Montezuma Castle, Yavapai Cultural Center. Therefore no room for speculation about modern touches or fakes to fool Maussan. This is a photo before the affair slides. Jorge Peredo I narrated his discovery:
"Once seen slides to be demonstrating that it was Roswell New Mexico, at a public event named BE WITNESS and the results given by forensic experts came to me several questions in the head, as a forensic medical expert could express a range of diseases, syndromes and injuries in a scanned image from a slide. Days later with the controversy on social networks, contact Mr. Amaury del Toro and their excellent reports, as well as Mr. Jose Antonio Caravaca who with the key pieces of research such as technical, historical and archaeological data as well interviews published on their websites had shared on social networks. And convinced that the aim of their research results showed us that the mummy was located on the second floor ledge Montesuma Castle, archaeological site, I gave myself the task of finding the image in electronic media with the words Internet correct concerning Mumy of Montesuma Castle, a result that threw me a web photo album digitized publicly shared Picasa Web from a person named "Frances" a lady of 80 years in which I found in that place 43 photographic albums were shared web in which showed the history of his life and his travels around the world in an album with "ARIZONA 1957 & 1967" album header is located said web consisting of 110 digitized photographs corresponding to several sites in Arizona, the big table cannon and the archaeological site of the national park Montesuma Castle where to perform the scan found the same referred captured image by Amaury and Jose Antonio experts as the Montesuma Castle mumy, a fact shared with the general public to shed light on this matter and end once the speculation that this was a creature of space. "
For those who harbored any doubts after reading the plate, it is the mummy of a child, who is owed a deep and sincere respect for the damage. CASE CLOSED.

* Special Thanks To José Antonio Caravaca

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  1. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Case closed? Do you all have no eyes in your heads? Just look at its ears, they are very alien, arent they? Moreover the nose-mouth area is more ape like, than human. And the eyes look too adult for an 2 year old, in my opinnion. And what about the "line" at the middle of the head, right from the forehead to the back of the head? This is very sad. My full respect to dead people, but I mean this is maybe the first official evidence for humanitys oldest question, are we alone?! Are someones trying to sell this as a hoax, to sweep under the table?! Its all about money. (sry bad english)

    1. Im happy to see some people like you that still using their mind, this is obviously a great proof and just the smart ones shall appreciate it


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