Wednesday, June 03, 2015

An Alien Spacecraft Crashed In China's Western Region?

An Alien Spacecraft Crashed In China's Western Region?

By Xi'an Campus Network

     Chinese stone disc burning 12,000 years reportedly a mountain plateau in western China, someone found some twelve thousand years ago, the stone plate, above the mysterious character, alien life from 名叫杜 Li Ba people. Some people believe that these stone discs recorded an amazing story. Whether aliens as early as ten thousand years ago, visited China? Are those mysterious stone discs with today's UFO sightings there is a link? Please follow us together explore China's Roswell incident.

It is said the mysterious Doolittle Pasig Singles event, took place in the Northeastern end of GLACIER. In 1938, a team of archaeologists led an archaeological came there. They looked at a series of interconnected caves, they found that amazing. These are not common grave. They are the so-called Doolittle Pasig dish. It is said that the stone plate has a hole, the surface of spiral grooves extending from the center to the edges of the grooves covered with similar hieroglyphic symbols (above top).

Allegedly, these Doolittle Pasig Singles are classified as heritage preserved. About 20 years later, a Chinese professor of deciphering hieroglyphics on the stone plate have an interest. Only a very short period of time, the professor will be successful interpretation of these alien words, in stone dish claiming these alien life Doolittle Palestinians.

The story goes that, 10,002 years ago, an alien spacecraft crashed in China's western region. They left these stone dish in a cave, then leave. Although this research report, including his author, have subsequently disappeared, but dish Doolittle Pasig story has not been forgotten. Many newspapers and magazine, so Doolittle Pasig Singles story known.

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