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The Roswell Slides – Accentuates What is Wrong at the Heart of Ufology Today

The Roswell Slides – Accentuates What is Wrong at the Heart of Ufology Today

UFO Perps

James Carrion
By James Carrion

      The outcry from the UFO community over the new deflategate – the unveiling of the Roswell slides – just accentuates what is wrong at the heart of Ufology today. Namely, that Ufology is run by UFO perps – not perpetrators in the criminal sense – but perpetuators in the mythological sense.

While there are many in the community who have a genuine interest in truth – there are far more who have a vested interest in perpetuating myth, whether it be those who frequent the UFO talk circuit - self-promoting their books and wares, or the UFO organizations and clubs that simply want to keep their membership doors open. Money may be the lead motivation, but ego and “do anything for my belief” motives do not trail far behind.

UFO perps simply have no shame – they will lie and embellish with a face worthy of a professional poker player; they will make the most outlandish claims and sadly a willing audience receives it as gospel; they will sell themselves as “truth champions”, many leaning on their former credentials as scientists, journalists, members of the military or public servants - to give weight and credibility to their claims, but in the end they have hitched themselves to a UFO bandwagon that they hope never stops at truth.

In a field that lacks a professional code of ethics, standards of investigation and evidence and no clear leadership focused on weeding out myths, hoaxes, self-promoters, charlatans and human deception specialists, the sad effect is a culture where the UFO perps have become the dominant voice. And as long as the wider community endures these shameful perpetuating sideshows, the truth of the UFO phenomenon will slip further away.

As long as UFO conferences are attended, books are purchased and pay per view events are sold, UFO perps will flourish. And as long as accountability is not demanded, the perps will continue to push UFO mythology - adding layer upon layer to the UFO dung hill. While the UFO mythology is piled fast and deep, the truth remains hidden within, as elusive and undiscoverable as it has been since the dawn of the modern UFO era.

If you have an interest in the UFO subject that is more than cursory and a desire to look deeper into the subject, you will at some point on your journey down this long and dark road have to ask yourself – do I want to solve this mystery or do I want to perpetuate it? Be careful though - many who started the journey with good intentions, have become intoxicated with its mystery once on the bandwagon, and when the allure of that mystery becomes more enticing than solving the mystery, you will find you have become a UFO perp.

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