Monday, June 01, 2015

Inhabited Sky UFO Event with Chris Aubeck, Jacques Vallee | VIDEO – Madrid, Spain

Inhabited Sky UFO Event with Chris Aubeck, Jacques Vallee

By La Casa Encendida

     The space around Earth is not a vacuum, is full of expectations, fantasies and now is also where our technology, which reaches orbit, it emits signs of life and eventually falls as inert evidence of the presence and curiosity humans.

Are we alone in the universe? Have we been visited beings from other galaxies? The answers to these questions are still debated, but the impact they have had on our culture is undeniable. In "Heaven suitcase", alongside the exhibition activity ARSTRONOMY six experts in the field will provide a unique and enlightening about whether we have visited beings from other worlds perspective.

Wednesday 27

18.30: Theo Paijmans, ufologist, Dutch author and editor, examine the social impact of spaceships and aliens in comics and literature of the early twentieth century.

19.15: Nigel Watson, author of the recent book UFOs World War (2015), tell us how advances in aviation and space travel were published in the media and art and how it shapes our view of them.

20.00: Jacques Vallee, astrophysicist and ufologist computer world renowned, will talk about the importance and impact of anomalous phenomena observed since ancient times.

21.00 Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck, questions and debate.
Of anomalous phenomena observed since ancient times.

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