Thursday, April 30, 2015

What if the Roswell Slides Saga is a Social Experiment or a Hoax?

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What if the Roswell Slides Saga is a Social Experiment or a Hoax?

Gilles Fernandez
By Gilles Fernandez
Skeptics vs. Flying Saucer

Bullshit Saying
     In our previous article adressing the Roswell Slides Saga, we mainly focused on conventional leads from Child Mummy to an anatomical curiosity of some sort. But do the hypothesis of a social experiment or hoax something a true agnostic must take into account as a possibility regarding this saga? Our answer is yes, it is a possibility.

Does this new Adam Dew Team teaser look like a Social Experiment?

Pickled Sloth
What would be the lambda reactions if A. Dew have presented the following picture (see right) to street individuals? Alien? The answer of what is depicted here is at the end of this article.

First, at least two the protagonists and promoters of this saga have a "shady past" (to remain civil and respectful). So, Donald Schmitt have been the center of a scandal in the 90's as I summarized in French in my book "Roswell : Rencontre du Premier Mythe". In English and using your favorite search engine, there are several sources where the curious reader can find an overview of this scandal. For example, this section in Roswell Files web site.

Even worse, Jaime Maussan endorsed and publicized many hoaxes including CGI generated UFO videos presented as genuine or endorsed previous extraterrestrial creatures saga which have been proven as hoaxes. For example, the "famous" 2009 video from P. Hernandez & A. Quarillo of an UFO releasing spheres is for sure a CGI. People immersed in ufology still now have in mind the Jaime Maussan Metepec creature saga which was proven as another hoax. . . .


  1. Doesn't the continued secrecy and misdirection and "confusion" indicate...even to the most optimistic believers...that this is just another sham? I mean...the fact that the author referred to this as a "saga" should tell you something.

    Just another hoax.

    1. Mornin' Don,

      Your question is specific to "believers," so the short answer is NO. When ideologies take precedence over common sense and facts, or when self-proclaimed researchers opt for theater over scientific method and or investigative journalism–then all bets are off!



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