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The Roswell Slides and the 'Lieutenant'

The Roswell Slides and the 'Lieutenant'

By Kevin Randle
A Different Perspective

     In his Kodachrome documentary, Adam Dew interviews a man (and since his name is well known, I see no point in repeating it here) who was in Roswell in 1947 who said that the body in the slides resembled that he had seen in Roswell. Dew doesn’t give the name (though we all know it now) and said that he had been a lieutenant. The Yearbook produced by Walter Haut in 1947 has a picture of the man and shows that he was only a PFC, a low-ranking enlisted man.

Here’s what the records tell us. He served from March 14, 1946 to September 15, 1966 and that he retired from the Air Force as a Technical Sergeant (E-6). He is technically a veteran of WW II since the war wasn’t declared officially over until later in 1946. He does have a military pension but there is nothing in the record to show that he was ever commissioned. He arrived in Roswell on October 10, 1946 as a PVT (E-2) and on January 27, 1947 was promoted to PFC. On November 17, 1947 he was promoted to corporal (E-4) which is the lowest of the NCO grades (For those interested in these things Specialist (Spec 4, E-4) is not an NCO and technically a corporal outranks a Specialist).

His military career was honorable but not spectacular (as we can say about almost everyone). He apparently served in French Morocco, England and Greenland. His awards and decorations are those than everyone would receive during a military career.

So, where did Dew get the idea that he had been a lieutenant? I don’t know. Everyone who has interviewed him, with the exception of Dew, seemed to understand that in 1947, during the events in which we are all interested, he was a PFC. He ended his career as an NCO. Dew must have misunderstood something and the only place I have ever seen him referred to as an officer is in Dew’s preview of his documentary.

Although an exaggeration or inflation of a military rank would certainly be cause to question a witness testimony, in this case, it seems to be a mistake made by Dew rather than by the soldier. At any rate, it is quite clear that he was not a lieutenant in Roswell in 1947, that he was never a lieutenant and that he retired as a technical sergeant.

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