Friday, April 03, 2015

Search for Aliens May Put Mankind at Risk

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Search for Aliens May Put Mankind at Risk

"Some scientists fear that sending out signals to extraterrestrials could place mankind to a risk and this would outweigh the benefits of building communication with alien life. "

      . . . The old stratagem of waiting to capture radio signals from aliens has failed many times over and Vakoch thinks that scientists would get replies if the signals are transmitted from Earth to give indications that we are in search for extraterrestrials. . . .

. . . The director of Center for SETI Research director Seth Shostak has suggested to the scientists to transmit the web contents into the deep space, with huge compilation of text, videos, sounds and pictures to provide the alien recipients an overview of human civilization.

Employing a radio transmitter would take around one month to send out the web contents into the cosmos. A better alternative scientists may opt for is using laser technology to transmit the web contents into the deep space and this will only take days to accomplish. . . .

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  1. We do have to send signals out to them. They are already here and watching us. Have been since they created Adam and Eve though genetic engeenering. Powers and principalities. Angels and Demons (from the greek work that means spirit). Combine both the Sumerian clay tablet records and the Bible and you get the answer. There is a 200 square mile city ship headed our way, that will end up orbiting this earth (not landing), for a thousand years, according to the new testament.

    Things are about to get interesting.


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