Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Roswell Aliens Slides Shot at White Sands Missile Range? | VIDEO

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Roswell Aliens Slides Shot at White Sands Missile Range Suggests Jaime Maussan

By Armando Alvarez

Editor's note: Below is a snippet of the interview with Jaime Maussan conducted by Armando Alvarez concerning the alleged "Roswell Alien Slides"–FW
Armando Alvarez: What you're presenting at Big Witness has to do with this story...

Jaime Maussan: It has to do with this story, we're not sure if it has to do with the first impact or the second one. We're trying to determine where the first one could have been photo could have been taken.

Armando Alvarez: There were two photographs taken, I believe

Jaime Maussan: Two photographs of a being, two transparencies (slides)

Armando Alvarez: Two slides

Jaime Maussan: We find that one of the beings was taken to White Sands, the White Sands military base, because General Nathan Twining for some reason couldn't go to Roswell, didn't want to go to Roswell, so they took it there for him to see, and that's where he saw it. They possibly left it there. The photographs were possibly taken there. This is only speculation, since we aren't sure where it was. We have no way of showing this, in other words, I insist that what we're trying to show here is how far we've come, and we think it's highly feasible, because [dropout] in Texas, in southwestern Texas, practically bordering with New Mexico, and Roswell isn't too far from this site. She was Hilda Blair Ray and he was Bernerd Ray. Both of them were well known and she was a friend of Dwight Eisenhower's wife, and that's how we think they found the means to have this shown to him.

Armando Alvarez: So these were well-connected people in some way...

Jaime Maussan: Well-connected, they traveled, were seen in different places, and we think they were introduced to the subject by President Eisenhower's wife, or who was at the time the great, triumphant general of World War Two. Eisenhower.

Armando Alvarez: A key moment in history.

[JM speaks too closely into his microphone so some details can't be made out]

* Special Thanks To Scott Corrales for Translation

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