Thursday, April 02, 2015

Alien Signal? Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts From Outside Galaxy

Alien Signal? Mysterious  Fast Radio Bursts From Outside Galaxy

By Rob Waugh

    Radio dishes on Earth have picked up weird signals which show a pattern that doesn’t make much sense – unless they are from aliens.

‘If the pattern is real,’ University of Hawaii researcher John Learned says, ‘It is very, very hard to explain.’

Radio telescopes have detected Fast Radio Bursts since 2001 – incredibly short, high-energy pulses which last for a few milliseconds and erupt with the energy the sun releases in a day, New Scientist reports.

The truly strange part is that the signals show a repeating pattern of numbers which doesn’t match what we know about cosmic physics.

An FRB was captured ‘live’ in November 2014, by the CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope in Australia. Previous signals had only been noticed by researchers weeks or months after they were detected. . . .

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